IDM Services

ViVeKam’s IDM: Intelligent financial investment decision making calls for accurate information and valid processes. Vivekam provides both of them in easy to understand and easier to implement ways. Safety and rate of returns are the two variables we consider for investment in fixed income avenues. When it comes to variable income investment avenues like stocks and mutual funds, the sources of information are far too many and the flow is continuous. How to source, what to consider, what to ignore and the weight to be given to each piece of information appear very complex for common man.

Vivekam collects all relevant information, processes, tabulates and presents fair values for most stocks in India. Vivekam also short lists stocks that reported better working results in latest concluded trailing twelve month period. Vivekam’s study, of price behaviour of 5,000 companies over 12 years (48 quarters), has proven that 87% of undervalued growth stocks appreciated by more than 10% in next three months.

Buying underpriced stocks is only half battle in variable income investments. Selling at right price is possible only when one is disciplined and is devoid of any anxiety or emotion. To help investors bring discipline in their investment process, Vivekam brought in different products (strategies) to suit individual needs and goals. Please see the short videos on our specific product pages; BIO-GrowthSMILES-Growth, Vivekam Baskets, WIFTY and PRICE to learn how Vivekam’s IDM processes can help you shape your investment planning into future.

Vivekam believes and advocates the principle that “Investment is a Science, Not an ART”