General Questions

1. What do you do?
We help individuals plan their financial needs. We also explain various avenues in which individuals based on their risk appetite can invest. Further, we have after enormous research and experience designed automated investment mechanisms that could cater to various individual needs.

2. Are you a broking firm?
No we are not a broking firm or portfolio manager. After rigorous research, we developed few complex financial algorithms that can be used by individuals. Based on such algorithms, we help individuals in financial planning.

3. I’ve seen the website/news paper advertisement. I wanted to know more about your products.
Each product as you can see in our website, each product caters to individuals with different financial objectives. You can also see the average returns each product has produced over the past 10 years. Please beware of the minimum time frame. Further, if you want to know which product suits you or how each product works, please leave us your name, phone number and email address. One of our team members will get back to you soon.

4. Have the products that you offer been running since the past 10 years. How did you compute the average returns?
Our team that consists of experienced chartered accountants, marketing and IT professionals worked for more than 3 years to build algorithms, statistically supported processes and created these products. Then, we back-tested such products on 10-year data about 40 financial quarters. The average returns that you see are returns (earned by our processes in back testing cases) you could have got if we used our products during the past 10 years. If you want to use our systems to back-test your portfolio or test our process, you can do it easily by visiting our office.

5. But, you worked on past year data. How can you be sure that future will also return such returns?
First we’d like to ask, why not? However, we understand your concern. You are right about historic data being used if only prices are used to build algorithms. Please note that we not only look at stock prices, but we look at fundamental growth of the company and review position at the end of each quarter as soon as the results are announced by company. Further, if you subscribe to the theory that share prices of companies reporting better profits will eventually reach higher levels, you will have no reason to disagree with our processes. For detailed explanation, please leave your name, phone number and email address. Our team members will get back to you soon.

6. Will you tell about which stock to buy and sell?
No, we refuse to research on individual stocks and tell you buy and sell signals. We do not suggest anything about speculation or intra-day trading. Our research is limited to stocks identified by our process after they pass some milestones. All our products are about long term investing and we suggest how you can do it best.

7. If I want to invest in your products, how should I do it?
You could visit our office for clear understanding. Else, in short, you have to open a client account with us. Further, you have to open a trading account with Tradewell Securities Private Limited or any other broker of your choice, if they are willing to work with us on regular basis and meet our criteria. If you could leave your name, phone number and email address, the concerned person will contact you to help you open all the relevant accounts.

8. I understand what you are saying, but I already am an avid investor? What should I do?
You don’t need to invest with us if you don’t want to. But why don’t use our research to see how your portfolio is faring. We have a tool called Portfolio Scanner. If you could send us your portfolio holdings statement or come to our office with your portfolio holdings statement, we could run the test on our systems and tell you how good or poor, is the performance of your portfolio. For existing clients, this feature is available online. Based on the kind of membership, the number of times you can have your portfolio scanned differs.

9. I have xxx amount to invest. What do you suggest I do?
Such suggestions cannot be made over phone with such little information. Please understand that each of our products is automated and can be completely personalized to your personal financial needs and goals unlike any other investing modes such as Mutual Funds etc. It is only prudent that you visit our office or leave your name, phone number and email address and the concerned person will help you understand the products in detail.

10. Will you teach how to earn?
Yes, financial education is definitely part of our plan and we should soon be progressing to a situation where we can conduct classes for different individuals. However, currently we don’t provide such classes. But if you want us to conduct classes to a large audience about any particular financial concepts of your choice or our choice, we are ready to conduct such seminars. Please visit our office or leave your name, phone number and email address and the concerned person will get back to you.

11. I have seen Mr. Prasad’s TV5 show. Can I meet or talk to him?
Thank you. He would be pleased to hear that you’ve seen his program. However, please understand that he is a constantly travelling and has his plate full at this time. I am not sure when and how you will be able to meet him. But I shall ensure that your message is sent to him. Do you have a message for him?

12. Do we have to open a trading account or can we use ours?
To invest in our products you have to open a trading account with our partners (Tradewell securities or others). If you only want to avail our advisory services you can continue using your existing trading account.

13. Do we have say in choosing the stocks that you invest in?
If you intend to take our advisory services only, you can determine whatever stocks you wish to buy. We merely provide the stocks found to be worth investing on the given day. However in case of our products maintained by us stocks are chosen based on criteria set by our team. Since utmost care is taken in selection of ideal investment choices, product range offers little choice for you to alter.

14. How to report the earnings in my Tax statement?
We provide you a comprehensive statement with all the short and long term capital gains for all our products.

15. I want to invest on my wife’s/husband’s name; do I still have the control to see the details?
Yes, you can still see all the transactions but the trading account and investments will be in their name, the tax statement will also be generated in their name.

16. I stay at xxx place outside Hyderabad; Do I have to come all the way?
You can invest from anywhere in India or abroad since Indian stock markets offer online services. To deal with us or to get advice from us, you may not be required to visit us. However we might require a few documents for verifying your details, these can be sent to our office via courier or post.

17. Will I be updated about the performance of the product/ what is the guarantee that my money is invested properly?
You will be periodically updated about the performances of our products via newsletters and emails. You can discontinue with any product anytime of your choice. However, for best returns, we suggest to stick to the minimum time frame stated in the product literature.

18. What are your costs if I invest in your products, Is this included in membership fees or some extra cost is incurred?
We have various membership options as listed on our website. The cost of our services is included in the membership fees as given in website. The cost of investing in our products follows a different structure, please leave your details and a member of our team will reach out to you with the details.

19. I already have a trading account. Is it necessary to open another trading account?
Yes. Unless you have a trading account with one of the brokers who are registered with us and can dedicate such trading account solely for ViVeKam’s products, you would have to open another trading account.

20. On signing up with you, would you handle my money?
No. We will only give you suggestions of signals that are generated from our algorithmic logic. You have to invest your money directly with the broking house in your trading account.

21. What products are suitable for me?
Products are designed to suit investors with varying financial needs. Depending on requirement of corpus, ability to save, risk appetite and other factors different products are suggested. Product finder will help you objectively. For specific details, please contact us on 040-23549941/ 42/ 43.

22. How is each product designed?
Each product is conceptualized to address different financial needs of various individuals. Based on research on more than 10 year data, the products have been tested over millions of iterations. ViVeKam also encourages its clients for back-testing of any product.

23. Will you guarantee returns for each product?
All the products have been tested over various periods of times. And every product has always performed better than the market. We do guarantee performance of each product. However, the guarantee is subject to a variety of choices you make, products you choose, agreement you enter etc. For specific details, please Visit Us.

24. I’m unable to access my client account?
If you forgot your password, kindly click on “Forgot Password” in the login box. In any other case, please Contact Us on 040-23549941/42/43.

25. Can I take suggestions for each product and handle my investment on my own?
No. We do not give any suggestions or tips for buying or selling of stocks. All our programs are run on algorithmic logic. Thus, is imperative that you sign up with ViVeKam to take advantage of its logic.

26. Can I access tools such as Portfolio Scanner any number of times?
Yes. To access all tools any number of times, you would have to become a client. To become a client, please Visit Us. But if you sign up as a member, you can use the tools for a limited number of times.