Service Wise

1. What kind of services do you offer?
Services are focused towards investors who already hold portfolios. Vivekam provides all its extensive research analysis to the investors just by registering themselves to Vivekam. These services help you to know when to Enter or Exit the market, know what and when to invest in, know what you own and their current performance with respect to the markets, know weak areas that are hurting your portfolio, top stocks at any given time, bird’s eye view of each stock, how to restructure and optimize your portfolio and stock with winners to always be a winner.

2. How are the services different from the products?
Firstly, Services are for investors who already have a portfolio or investors who would like to use our research information and invest on their own. Investors can use the services to improve the performance of their existing portfolio by analyzing the weak stocks and restructuring them with the best recommended , were as products are for the first time investors who would like to deploy fresh capital into the system.

3. What are the charges for your services?
For our basic services Investors can pay the membership fee and use our services. Fees for alert/alert & assistance services will be decided on case by case basis. Our general charges have been listed under our membership page. To know more about the fee structure please click here

4. Do you get alerts for services as well?
Yes, Vivekam does provide alert services. We provide only National SMS services but Email alerts will be sent to all clients (including NRI’s) on their registered Email id.

5. If I enroll for services can I invest into products as well?
Yes, once the client registers themselves as a premium member, a Demat & Trading account will be opened with one of the brokers who are registered with us to enable the investors to invest into ViVeKam’s products.

6. Should I follow exactly what is been recommended?
No, it is up to the investor to decide whether to follow the alerts or not. But Vivekam recommends executing all the alerts on time to gain the maximum advantage and obtain the desired results.


What service do you provide in tool?
Tool gives you access to certain basic financial calculators that help keep track of your finances.