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At ViVeKam our Financial Management experts take good care of your investment. We not only understand your needs but also help you identify the right product mix to meet your financial goals within the specified time frames; while minimizing the risk factor. Grow your wealth with us! ……

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Do it yourself advisory services, all delivered within a minute!

Set up to bridge the gap between financial information and financial decision making. Vivekam focuses on delivering easy-to-understand Equity services in the most cost effective manner. Our service modules include Investment advice on stocks, portfolios and Mutual Funds with highly customized solutions for all categories.

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    Timing is most essential to gain from stock market operations. Our stock advisory services offer an excellent opportunity to maintain customized portfolios consisting of the best undervalued growth stocks at all times.

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    ViVeKam by your side, you are always on top of your portfolio. Our bouquet of Portfolio insight services help assess how your portfolio is positioned at any given time helping timely exit bad stocks to optimize returns.

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    Mutual Funds

    Outperforming the Index and top funds, Vivekam’s Mutual Funds basket comes with highly customized options. Picking the best schemes and periodic rebalancing can add immense value to your Investments.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to transforming aspirations into achievements.
At ViVeKam, we’re committed to providing you with the best financial planning services and solutions at every stage of your life. Whether you’re a naive investor or maintain a complex portfolio, our combination of diverse products and our unparallel services can assist you to succeed in reaching those goals because we believe small steps …Read More


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For your stocks and portfolios
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  • Top rated funds… funds performance all at one place!
  • Know your fund before investing!
  • Comparison with banks, index & other funds, all in 2 mins !
  • See when your fund is giving negative returns.
  • Compare returns of alternative avenues


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