Are You a Mutual Fund Distributor? See How Vivekam Can Help!!

Mutual Funds have become a preferred investment instrument for most individuals in the modern age. Unlike in the past where most investors would speak to a MF distributor before investing their savings, present generation of investors have multitude of choices to seek information and advice online. While this is taking away some of the traditional investors from Distributors, direct plans being offered by MF’s are taking away enlightened and tech savvy investors. Banning of upfront commissions from MF’s have also dealt a strong blow to the sagging revenue streams of MF Distributors. And, finally several tech enabled platforms have sprung up thus sweeping away most retail investors by offering free advise and execution services.

In the light of these developments, MF Distributors are forced to find ways of keeping their clients either by innovation or by adding additional service offerings. Many MF Distributors operate out of limited infrastructure facilities and rely heavily on customer relationships. MF Distributors should build up abilities and provide proof on being able to deliver superior returns through constant monitoring and rebalancing to help protect the long lasting relationships with clients. How do you do that convincingly is a challenge. Fortunately, you have options to explore ways and means without losing hold on your clientele.

Additional option for disheartened MF Distributors could be to explore options to expand their present offering from MF’s to Equities and/or derivatives from capital markets. By choosing the right partner, operations will involve least involvement of your time. Moreover, the income streams are more predictable and periodical, instead of waiting for trail commission. You may also consider venturing into other financial products like P2P lending, Loan syndication etc.

Vivekam, with its proven model of expanding business beyond horizons and backed by automated digital service offerings, welcomes you to initiate a discussion with possible partnership that is going to be mutually beneficial. Following are the bare essentials that will form part of any agreement with existing MF Distributor to carve out a way of WIN-WIN relationship for you and Vivekam.

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What does an Investor look for?

  • Someone with credibility in providing financial advise.
  • Someone who is trustworthy and professional.
  • Someone with history of achieving high returns.
  • Someone who can monitor their portfolio and give timely and appropriate suggestions.
  • Someone who will act in their best interest.
  • Someone who can offer personalized services at a nominal cost.
  • Someone with a high level of integrity
* Trust and ethics are important to investors, but so are returns

How a Partnership With Vivekam Can Help You

  • Revenue Multiplier: Start earning right away without waiting for trail commission as in MF. Great potential to earn Rs 10-28 Lakhs per year in 3 years based on very moderate projections.
  • Incentivized Referral Model: VAP from Vivekam allows you to refer other VAP’s and derive monetary value from the partnership. Our modular structure allows for much greater earnings potential. Become a Master VAP with potential payout greater than Rs 1 Crore in 3 years.
  • Scale up: Vivekam can help build your infrastructure and expand your offerings and capacity to serve client digitally. Do away with the need for substantial investment and effort from your side to compete with established digital players.
  • Ethical Partnership: Partnering with Vivekam will only add to your income. You will always retain your existing income streams to yourself and continue to service those avenues even after partnering.
  • Service New Segments: Add the ability to service clients looking for exposure into equities and derivatives while servicing your existing MF clients.
  • Total Transparency: You can be rest assured that all transactions and bills are totally transparent and all reports are available online for verification. Vivekam prides itself on being morally upright all through its 8 year journey.
  • Enhanced Learning: Vivekam prides itself on imparting financial literacy across India. Our designed partners will be privy to our exclusive courses and training to enhance their skill set and allow them to explore new opportunities for themselves.
  • Business To Pass On: Build a business for you to pass on to your family. With VAP, your business works for you and you can continue to keep earning for you and your family.
  • Sell Out Opportunity: Partner with Vivekam, build your business and have an opportunity to negotiate with an established player to buy out your business at a premium.

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