With well-tested products and proven results outperforming the index, Vivekam’s Mutual Funds basket comes with highly customized product options. Vivekam outperforms most portfolios, thanks to the unique approach in picking good schemes and rebalancing portfolios. This betters the process of sticking to the same funds throughout. This automated rebalancing process improves the returns on most Mutual Fund portfolios with ease.


 Lump Sum Investments

  • Vivekam helps you invest in one/multiple lump sum(s)
  • Portfolios are tracked each month and modified as required to optimize the return on investment
  • Vivekam clients will only have the most likely outperformers over one year in their portfolio, all the time


 Systematic Investment Plan Investments

  • Unlike traditional choice of sticking to the same scheme for SIP, Vivekam directs your investments to most likely out performers every month.
  • By supplying your choice date and monthly installment, one can check how the money could have grown in time if invested earlier.
  • Apart from investing in the right funds, Vivekam also carries out rebalancing exercise once a month to ensure optimal returns are earned.
  • The appreciation through Vivekam’s SIP is far higher than benchmark Nifty or most random choices of investors.


 Systematic Withdrawal Plan Investments

  • The amount and timeline is stated to meet specific goals and needs
  • During the investment period, portfolios are rebalanced each month as required
  • Clients are alerted when goals are reached
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plans are worked out to help plan retirement needs


 Mutual Fund Rebalancing

Vivekam has designed a dynamic process that has the ability to rebalance one’s portfolio of funds and earn higher returns. It betters the process of sticking to the same fund throughout. This automated rebalancing process improves the return on most Mutual Fund portfolios with ease.

  • Each portfolio is reviewed every month,ensuring that top funds stay in the portfolio
  • Funds that have poorer prospects are dropped and replaced with better funds
  • Superior returns than most Mutual Funds and Nifty are delivered


 Balanced Funds: (Lump Sum & SIP)

  • Vivekam helps clients invest in either lump sum(s) or monthly SIP into balanced equity oriented funds or balanced debt oriented funds based on the risk profile.
  • Highly conservative clients requiring maximum safety on their investments are recommended Balanced Debt Funds where maximum investment is deployed into debt and a small portion into equities.
  • Clients having the appetite for taking slight risk but require certain amount of safety are recommended Balanced Equity Funds where the equity becomes the larger component of their portfolio compared to equity.


 ELSS Investments

  • Vivekam helps clients looking for tax benefits invest in ELSS schemes. These are a type of diversified equity mutual funds which are qualified for tax exemption and offer the twin advantage of capital appreciation and tax benefits.
  • In these schemes apart from tax deduction, the investors also get the potential upside of investing in the equity markets.
  • These schemes come with a lock-in period of three years.

Mutual Fund Services

Mutual Fund Products

  • Lump Sum Investments
  • SIP Investments
  • SWP Investments
  • Mutual Fund Rebalancing
  • Balanced Fund Investments
  • ELSS Fund Investments