Mutual Fund Rebalancing

When you have investments in multiple mutual funds, some of them may be in profit and some in losses. Collective performance of your fund folio is measured across time frames in this service. By analyzing it, Vivekam determines whether your fund folio is consistent with your expectations or not. It also provides you with fund-wise performance analysis.

Once you understand the status of your total fund folio, you may wish to improve its performance by making desirable changes to enhance the profitability. Changes are required to be suggested based on your perceived need of money in future. It could be anywhere between 1 and 5 years. Once you indicate the time frame and press “Rebalance”, you will be guided to drop unworthy funds and add better ranked funds to help your folio increase its effectiveness. Since Vivekam updates performance of all funds regularly, periodic rebalancing is suggested to stay on top all the time.