Mutual Fund Scan

Investing in mutual funds is akin to handing over the custody of your precious savings to someone, presumed to be smarter than yourselves. All mutual fund investors would expect:
1. The fund to generate positive returns.
2. The fund to earn returns in excess of index.
3. A yield that is better than risk free return of the banks.

However, in practice majority of funds lag far behind any of the above three objectives and fail investors. Vivekam helps you identify mutual funds that have been consistently doing well on above three parameters in your proposed investment time frame. Though past performance offers no guarantee of future, it serves as a guide to spot better funds.

“Flavor of today may have been an under-performer for a very long period”

A fund doing very well now may have done miserably till last month or throughout the past few years. In such cases, fund’s performance can best be attributed to imperfections of market than to the intelligence of the fund manager. Since our needs are difficult to be foreseen with preciseness, we need funds that have been consistent in performance than sporadic out performers. Investment planning works well only when we are sure of getting decent returns on most days.

FUND SCANNER helps you dissect any fund between 1 and 5 years and compare it’s performance on all the above parameters. Once you learn to use this service, you will never be duped again by any mutual fund selling agent. By using the option to measure the performance under SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) mode as well, you will hereafter be choosing the right fund for your investment needs.