PEAS (Portfolio Expected Vs Actual Statistics)

For whom?

If you’re interested to know how the stock’s or portfolios price pattern will trend in the future, we will give you our forecast based on past results and performance.


Backed by 81% success rate in setting high and low range for individuals stocks, we went ahead to work on portfolios. In a complex world like stock markets, not all stocks in one’s portfolio could go up or down together. Inter dependency of stocks, in most cases, improves the predictability of their collective performance. In most cases, when more than 10 stocks are included in portfolio, the predictability went past 90%.
ViVeKam’s automated processes will identify a list of performing stocks based on growth parameters and estimate the high and low levels of prices the stocks are likely to reach. Once the high and low values for portfolios are set, the impact of market on your portfolio is measured and built in. Finally , by using ViVeKam’s signaling systems we send out alerts based on high or low levels set out for one’s portfolio with percentage of accuracy of its estimate for the portfolio, thus enabling the investors to get a chance to cash out in opportune times. And when the market sentiment turns bearish and the portfolio value drops, investors may consider adding on to their portfolio if the value drops below the lowest level indicated.

Hence with ViVeKam by your side, you make sure you are always on top of your portfolio.

How do I register for this service?

You will need to register by becoming a member. Please click on register now on the home page to get the various membership options and services offered. You can download a sample report by clicking here.

You can also register for the alerts provides by the PEAS service by becoming a premium client with us. All our premium clients get alerts through mail and sms whenever the high and low levels of prices for the stocks in their portfolio are reached.

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