PIE (Portfolio Insight Evaluation)

For whom?

If you are interested to have an in-depth analysis of every stock, by analyzing each of their line items to see where the stock and in turn the portfolio is getting affected this feature will help you analyze your portfolio in detail.

Objective: To scan and analyze the weak portions of one’s Portfolio and restructure in order to improve the performance.


To understand the portfolio value, earnings, and PE multiple  is like understanding the illness. But to treat the illness, you have to understand its cause. Similarly to improve your portfolio performance, you have to understand the profit and loss statement aka health report of your portfolio or Portfolio Insight. Unless your portfolio profit and loss is better than the profit and loss of index and whenever the performance of stocks drops, you might want to reshuffle your stocks so as to include only growth stocks in list by dropping those companies that are negatively contributing to the portfolio profit and loss statement.

In short, you have to gain insight into which line of the portfolio profit and loss statement is negatively impacting the performance. Such insight will help you restructure your portfolio holdings meaningfully. This tool allows you to restructure your portfolio, in either auto or manual mode, by this Vivekam brought an altogether new dimension of advisory service. Whenever asked, ViVeKam shows the stocks that need to go out, giving you an option to override it’s suggestion and continue to hold them. Once the list of stocks needed to go are identified, they are marked for sale and get sold only when the price of the given stock is above it’s normally expected value. Thus enabling family members understand the health of portfolio and thereby take informed decisions will have to be the stated objective.

How do I register for this service?

You will need to register by becoming a member. Please click on register now on the home page to get the various membership options and services offered. You can download a sample report by clicking here.

You can also register for the alerts provides by the PIE service by becoming a premium client with us. All our premium clients get alerts through mail and sms whenever the high and low levels of prices for the stocks in their portfolio are reached.

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