For whom?

Anyone who has a portfolio and is interested to know where their portfolio stands, what ViVekam thinks of your holdings and in turn recommends in order to obtain the optimal returns.

Objective: To scan your portfolio to see if there are any expensive or overpriced stocks.


Portfolio Scanner answers the question, which stocks in your portfolio are expensive to hold or needs to be removed. Every portfolio may be a combination of overpriced and underpriced stocks. We analyze the trailing 12 month performance of each stock to understand its performance and pricing. Performing stocks are those that have had consistent growth. Underpriced stocks are those that trade below their expected values. Such performing underpriced stocks help improve portfolio. Once, we scan your portfolio for overpriced stocks or weak areas, and then we analyze the relative performance of your portfolio compared to NIFTY in the past.

Expensive stocks are identified by computing the expected value of the stock after each quarter. We believe that expected value is the maximum the stock prices can reach. And historically we have been proved correct more often than not. The scope to grow parameter that we provide compares such expected value with current price and gives you the percentage the stock is likely to grow. So it should be understood that higher the percentage, better the stock.

How do I register for this service?

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