DELPHI – Mutual Fund Product

Well-tested products and proven results, we present Delphi.

Delphi is Vivekam’s own Model Mutual Fund product with highly customized fund selection.

Rather than sticking to the same funds throughout, the advisor shortlists suitable schemes for the product and advises to all clients. A significant portion of decision making is based on the Advisor’s discretion to consider the growth prospects of a scheme. A portfolio of mutual fund schemes are advised and on subsequent modifications, all the changes are relayed to the clients, in the form of customised orders, to be in sync with the model portfolio.

The primary objective of the portfolio stands to achieve an alpha over the corresponding benchmark index – Nifty 50 in this case. Unlike the traditional approach of sticking to the same scheme throughout the investment journey, Delphi directs investments to most likely out performers to generate the alpha. Delphi advices only on Equity Mutual Funds and that too in direct plans for the same.

With complete exposure through direct plans only, investors in Delphi shall be charged a 1.5% fee plus GST, inclusive of expenses charged by Mutual funds. If the expenses reported from the mutual funds is 0.7%, only an additional 0.8% shall be charged to incur a full cost of 1.5% to the investor. This is done to help investors generate alpha over the benchmark index.