AIM (Automated Investment Machine)

For whom?

This product can be used by those investors holding stocks or HNIs with idle funds. Even though this product offers high yield, ViVeKam research and analysis team suggests that this product only for investors with very high risk appetite.


Based on algorithmic logic the computer generates a signal for the action to be taken in the F&O market in the last 15 minutes. Based on the signal, ViVeKam’s team suggests to buy / sell. Based on presumption that trade took place, AIM also generates a suggested stop loss for next day. The investor using this product is required to interact only twice for 5 minutes each during the day. By ensuring a stop loss in times of adversity and running for profit at other times, AIM optimizes returns on leveraged investments.

For how long?

ViVeKam’s extensive research and highly experienced team insist on investing in the product for a minimum of 300 trading days.

Core Concept used for: AIM

Derivatives such as Futures and Options not only derive their value from the under-lying asset but also help in price discovery of the asset.


When properly harnessed, derivatives provide scope to earn profits in rising or falling market. However, the KEY lies in being able to spot the trending of the markets. Deploying the algorithmic study of patterns of index movements over past 10 years, ViVeKam’s proven logic (AIM) helps clients with existing portfolios protect their portfolios from erosion when the markets are unfavorable. Clients who have tested our products based on AIM strategy are surprised by its ability to give returns and / or protect their wealth irrespective of the direction of the market.


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