Vivekam introduces the all new “FLOATER” for Investors desirous of having very high liquidity with limited downside and yet look for superior returns than banks . All investments here are advised to be made in large caps only and if the stock appreciates by X% even in the same day it will be advised to be sold. Selling is suggested if it drops below a set threshold level. Selection of companies are done using ViVeKam’s proprietary selection process. Vivekam’s processes check the price levels on a continuous basis and alert investors enter and exit at opportune times. Coming from the platform of Vivekam, this product too offers back testing ability for any duration in last four years.


The news on operating performance of any stock normally comes once in three months. Large cap stocks are no exception to this general rule, though analysts and commentators keep expressing their views on the prospects at regular intervals. They often contradict each other’s opinion with the same set of facts leading to push and pull in their price behavior between two major news events. Since their businesses are proven beyond doubt for longer periods faith in the stocks is never shaken though occasional selling may dampen the prices. Long term investors smell an opportunity when the prices trend down because of their confidence in management’s ability to draw suitable strategy to overcome hurdles. The ongoing tussle between short term traders and long term investors leads to volatility in stock prices and offers ample opportunities to profit, if a correct strategy could be drawn.


Based on the choice of investors, corpus is divided across that many stocks. Using Vivekam’s proprietary logic of ranking companies, a list of eligible large cap basket is identified. After that, a check will be carried out to see if the companies are reporting improved workings on TTM basis. All such companies are then assigned fair values and market prices are compared with them to determine the scope to grow from current levels. After computing the scope to grow, they are all arranged in the order of scope to grow. Then the required numbers of stocks are advised to be bought using the amount stipulated per stock. If the stock appreciates by “X”% in the same day or following days, it is advised to sell. Else, a stop loss level is stipulated after “N” days from the date of purchase to prevent steep meltdown in case of adversity. Vivekam’s processes check the price levels on a continuous basis and alert investors enter and exit at opportune times. Vivekam also extends Alert & Assist service to help stay on top at all times.


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