• Ethical Islamic way of investment for better returns
  • Dealings in only those stocks which are approved by TASIS (Mumbai)
  • SHARIA GROWTH performance better than Mutual Funds offering the Sharia model
  • SHARIA GROWTH earnings more than Nifty Index as shown in the table below

For whom?

Suitable for investors who wish to adhere to Islamic Investment principles having moderate risk appetite and want to run for profit and have surplus funds. It is highly recommended for investors with moderate to high net worth and can wait for their investments to yield desired returns or to those who intend to build need based corpus.


Sharia-Growth is based on a strategy that allows creation of a portfolio of growth oriented stocks that are Sharia compliant which are allowed to run their full course of profit. Like other ViVeKam’s products, Sharia-Growth can also be customized to suit client’s personal needs by allowing the client the choice of number of stocks in his portfolio. Portfolio protection through appropriate diversification among industries is built in all products of ViVeKam.

The stocks in the portfolio shall be reviewed every quarter to ensure productivity of the portfolio. Sale of stocks is suggested only when the stock price reaches the perceived price level as defined by ViVeKam’s Stock Value Logic or when the operating results fail to enthuse.

For how long?

ViVeKam’s analysis of past 11 years data suggests a minimum period of 3 years to achieve the optimal results of the product.


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