BIO-Secure (Bespoke Investment Option Strategy – Secure)

For whom?

Suitable for investors with low risk appetite and need a reasonable return. Though this product caters to any investor with a low risk appetite, it is ideal for retired investors or an earning class with smaller corpus.


ViVeKam will focus on building portfolio with stocks that have the potential to grow in the near future. Like other ViVeKam’s products, BIO-Secure can also be customized to suit client’s personal needs by allowing the client the choice of number of stocks in his portfolio, individual stock exit limit, portfolio exit limit etc. Portfolio protection through appropriate diversification among industries is built in all products of ViVeKam.

The stocks in the portfolio shall be reviewed every quarter to ensure productivity of the portfolio. All stock that report poor performance shall be dropped and be replaced by stocks that have better performance. Further, every individual stock and portfolio will be reviewed on a daily basis to ensure timely exit when the pre-set criteria is achieved.

Any cash released on sale of stocks or portfolio will be invested in exchange traded liquid instruments that earn daily interest.

For how long?

ViVeKam’s analysis of past 11 years of data suggests a minimum period of 3 years to achieve the optimal results.

Core Concept used for: BIO-Secure

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is the foundation for any Portfolio Strategy. At ViVeKam, we not only understand the essence but also the limitations of this axiom.


Our research helps us assert that every stock, sooner or later, shall complete its price discovery process. And a successful investor is one who does not emotionally attach himself to any stock but uses the stock to create wealth for himself. In-house developed algorithmic logic enables the creation of a portfolio of stocks whose true prices have not yet been discovered by the market. The logic is so designed to identify, periodically review and regularly process only stocks that are likely to achieve price growth in the near future. The core competency of the logic is to stay with Market Winners and not just Market Leaders. Provided the stock is fundamentally strong, every stock is equally important and relevant. This ensures to drive away emotion, develop discipline and oppose herd behavior – the mantras to successful portfolio strategy! Convinced with the above stated principles, none of our clients are overtly surprised when 88% of the logic selected stocks have appreciated by more than 10% in 3 months from the date of announcement of quarterly results.


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