Vindex Large Cap 5 & 10 (Model portfolios)

What is this?

These portfolios are built and maintained by Vivekam without a break ever. The respective share of stocks included in the portfolio will be stated in percentages to the investors at the end of each day. This is to help them build similar portfolios without losing custody of their money in favour of any mutual fund, and yet derive much higher returns.

For whom?

Suitable for investors who have faith in stock market but not in many uneducated, illiterate and often misdirected dealers/relationship managers/sub brokers/selfish brokers. This is ideal instrument for high net worth individuals and for people who intend to build corpus and growing it over a long time.


Using Large Cap Growth strategy, Vivekam builds portfolios containing 5 are 10 shares and continues to run them without a break. Occasionally, the portfolio may liquidate a few stocks and convert into cash or cash equivalent. Whatever be the status, for clients who sign up for this product range, weights of each stock in the portfolio, expressed as a percentage, will be intimated to help them build portfolios on their own. Since target prices are also informed in advance, liquidating the stocks at an appropriate time becomes easier. Whenever fresh investments are to be made, advance information will be given.

Vivekam tracks the stock prices several times in a day and check for possible exit any time the prices draw closer to the target prices. An otherwise occupied busy investor may lose out a few chances by not being highly diligent in handling the portfolio. For them, Vivekam extends “Alert and Assist” service wherein Vivekam will work in close coordination with the client and his broker to ensure the transactions are executed in time. This will help them have their portfolios always aligned with Vivekam’s model portfolios.

For how long?

There will not be any lock in period in this product. Investors are free to enter and exit any time they choose to. However, going by the analysis of past performance, we advise a window of three-year period as optimum.

Past Performance

  • Returns
    2 Year
    3 Year
    5 Year
  • Vindex Large Cap 5
  • Vindex Large Cap 10
  • Nifty


“Valued companies are valued because they hold values within” is the underlying principle that Vivekam considers in this product. Without any inhibitions, Vivekam attempts to stand behind the clear winners among large caps at all times. Even in most adverse situations, drawdown in these stocks is expected to be limited.


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