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PRICE vastly improved the performance in 97% of all portfolios’ tested.

Check how your portfolio could have performed if you had used our advice earlier.

For whom?

Be it lack of information or tools, If you are unhappy with the way your portfolio is being reviewed, PRICE is the ideal solution to ensure constant evaluation of portfolio and timely restructuring of portfolio for optimal returns. With ability to test what could have been done with your portfolio in last three years, you can hardly find a better choice in the market.

Objective: Constant monitoring of portfolio and all it’s constituents by tracking quarterly results, price trends etc.


PRICE prides itself as the only tool in India that can systematically test strengths of each and every stock in your portfolio every time a company announces quarterly results. Identifying weak companies (by comparing with Index statistics) and marking them as poor is done automatically. These stocks are tested daily for exit when the price reaches close enough to expected, so that stocks are not sold in distress. Better stocks in portfolio will exit only when they reach close enough to highest possible price. Proceeds of sold shares will be invested in growing and most undervalued shares (given by SPOTS service from ViVekam). To ensure timely exit even in volatile markets, all stocks in portfolio are checked continuously during trading hours and alerts sent for actions immediately.

Test PRICE once to get a taste of what scientific approach to investment could achieve in your own exclusive portfolio over last three years or more. ViVeKam will be pleased to inform you how you could benefit going forward, should you like to use this service.


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