SEA – (Stock Estimated Vs Actual)

For whom?

For those interested in studying the pattern of price behavior of a given stock. Pick the time frame and stock on the fly to get response in seconds. Deploying Beta to factor in market’s impact has never been made so easy.

Objective: To differentiate between companies that comply with set principles and those which do not comply. Non compliant companies are safe to be avoided.


Latest quarter’s TTM workings results are used to determine the price range of companies before next results are announced. Calibrating the values thus set with Beta to provide for impact of Market, high and low values of most stocks is determined and tested for any time frame of user’s choice. A high compliance is an indicator of proper price discovery and is a good investment bet, when it reports improved performance and relative under pricing in market. If ViVekam’s SEA has high accuracy established in the past, investing in them will more likely result in profitable opportunities.

How do I register for this service?

You will need to register by becoming a member. Please click on register now on the home page to get check the various membership options and services offered. You can download a sample report by clicking here.

You can also register for the alerts provides by the SEA service by becoming a premium client with us. All our premium clients get alerts through mail and sms whenever the high and low levels of prices for the stocks in their portfolio are reached.