For whom?

For those willing to identify overpriced or under priced stocks and to trade on them for benefit. Invaluable tool to trade in Options with proven success rate.

Objective: To help derivatives traders deal in options when an opportunity is found. To help investors liquidate stocks when their price reached or breached maximum possible levels. To help time one’s investments in particular stocks, when the prices reach low levels.


With ViVekam’s proven track record of setting high and low levels for stocks upon declaration of quarterly results, opportunities are spotted when the price levels of stocks reach either high or low. When prices approach high or low, calls are generated to buy or sell. Target price also will be stated to help traders liquidate their position when the underlying reaches the target level. This service also provides interface to check the performance of the same stock over user given time frame. User may also opt for all stocks or for a different holding time periods.

How do I register for this service?

You will need to register by becoming a member. Please click on register now on the home page to get check the various membership options and services offered.