About Us

Our Values, experience and Team

Who are we

Vivekam is a product-driven advisory firm with its head-quarters located in Hyderabad, India. We were set up in 2010 with the purpose to bridge the gap between financial information and financial decision making

All the products on Vivekam’s platform have been tested rigorously over more than ten years of financial data and the results have been tabulated for any interested party to verify.

The Need

Safety and rate of returns are the two variables we consider for investment in fixed income avenues. When it comes to variable income investment avenues like stocks and mutual funds, the sources of information are far too many and the flow is continuous.

How to source, what to consider, what to ignore and the weight to be given to each piece of information appear very complex for common man.

Data Driven

We process data all the way from the year 2000. All of our products are back tested and validated to test effeciency.

Rule based

All of our products are strictly rule based and logic is driven by these triggers. Discipline is key in investments.

Skin in the game

Our team subscribes to the same products our clients do. We are that confident of our products.

Ethical & Transparent

More than 41 years of real experienc within the investing space. Our longevity is the biggest testament to our values.

Our core philosophy

Investment is a science not an art

Vivekam collects all relevant information, processes, tabulates and presents fair values for most stocks in India. Vivekam also short lists stocks that reported better working results in latest concluded trailing twelve month period.

Vivekam’s study of price behaviour of 5000+ companies over 20 years (80 quarters), has proven that 87% of undervalued growth stocks appreciated by more than 10% in next three months.

Our team

The Faces Behind our Success

VVK Prasad
Chairman & Managing Director

Chartered Accountant by qualification, VVK has over 38 years of experience with Indian Financial Markets. After several years of sub-broking to a corporate broking house, he headed Gayatri Capital Ltd from 1996 to 2005. He was the partner in MOSL and headed the Andhra Pradesh operations from 2005 to 2007.

He was the president of Association of NSE Members of India (ANMI) for the year 2005-06. His vast retail broking experience, thorough knowledge of Capital Markets and aptitude of creating products is the back-bone to ViVeKam.

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Yashwant Vemuru
Head - Products

Yashwant currently heads products at Vivekam Financial Services. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and graduate from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Yashwant has held multiple infrastructure positions in his 9 year stint in silicon valley.

He brings a great deal of big corporate experience with companies such as Oracle as well as unicorn startup experience with Sysdig in San Francisco to the board at Vivekam.


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Balakrishna Vellanki
Vice President

Mr. Balakrishna holds a Masters degree in Networking and Communications from University of Southern California. He has handled assignments that involved launching of products, brand management and strategic partnership at Product Partner LLC, a USD 500 million corporation for the last 11 years before joining Vivekam as a Board Member.

Currently with brand management and negotiations of strategic partnerships on his domain, he is also responsible for managing reporting and mode of dissemination of information on product performance in real time to all customers.

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Rambabu Vankayalapati
Vice President - Engineering

With over 20 years of experience in IT and Web Technologies and their extensive use in Stock Broking industry when he worked with Gayatri Capital Ltd and Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, Ram Babu has helped develop IT systems that can easily interact with NSE trading platforms, NSDL, CDSL and broker’s back office systems seamlessly.

Several solutions developed by him are found in brokers’ office till date. At Vivekam, he is heading the team whose main focus is to build an engine that would enable integration of all the moving parts required to build scalable infrastructure for investment products.

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Avanti Vemuru
Assistant Vice President - R&D

Avanti holds an Honors Degree in Fashion and Industry Management from Philadelphia University. She worked as a Technical designer at Michael Kors (USA), Inc. and as a Production Coordinator (which involved handling teams of sizes up to 400ppl) at American Apparel a USD 350 Million corporation before joining Vivekam in the research and development team.

Her grasp over software programming has been of great assistance on the software development side. She has been constantly involved with the software department in the development and validation of the products. 

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