Portfolio Services

Optimize your Portfolio now to get better yield!

Already have a portfolio of stocks and confused about how to go ahead? Look no further!

Our bouquet of Portfolio insight services helps you assess how your portfolio is positioned at any given time and stay on top. With results of stocks being announced at regular intervals, it is essential to know how your portfolio is faring from quarter to quarter and restructure periodically to include only the growth stocks at all times.

3 portfolio services to help your portfolio


Portfolio Scanner

Answer to which of your stocks are overvalued and how many are good choices.



Vivekam constantly evaluates your portfolios for Buy and Sell recommendations. You can be alerted by SMS/e-mail


Forecaster - PEAS

Get Alerts when your portfolio reaches near estimated High's or Low's per Vivekam

Portfolio Scanner

Portfolio Scanner answers the question, which stocks in your portfolio are expensive to hold or needs to be removed. Every portfolio may be a combination of overpriced and underpriced stocks. We analyze the trailing 12 month performance of each stock to understand its performance and pricing.

We also analyze the relative performance of your portfolio compared to NIFTY in the past.


PRICE is the ideal solution to ensure constant evaluation of portfolio and timely restructuring of portfolio for optimal returns.

Stocks are tested daily for exit when the price reaches close enough to expected, so that stocks are not sold in distress. Better stocks in portfolio will exit only when they reach close enough to highest possible price. Proceeds of sold shares will be invested in growing and most undervalued shares

Forecaster - PEAS

Backed by 81% success rate in setting high and low range for individuals stocks, we went ahead to work on portfolios. In a complex world like stock markets, not all stocks in one’s portfolio could go up or down together. In most cases, when more than 10 stocks are included in portfolio, the predictability went past 90%.

Vivekam PEAS sends out alerts based on high or low levels set out for one’s portfolio with percentage of accuracy of its estimate for the portfolio, thus enabling the investors to get a chance to cash out in opportune times