Stock Services

What to buy? When to sell?

Be it Large/ Mid or Small cap, we help you pick the best. Get everything in one place at the click of a button for any date of your choice.

Picking up the right stock and exiting at the right levels are essential to gain from stock market operations. Our stock investment advisors believe that every investor is unique and customizes their portfolios according to their holding capacity, return expectations, risk profile etc.

3 stock services to address all your needs


Top stocks - SPOTS

Vivekam's Top 10 stocks at any point in time. See our rankings.



Vivekam's view on a stock, complete with analysis on value of the stock.


Forecaster - SEA

Check out Vivekam's forecast for high, low and expected values of the stock.

Top Stocks - SPOTS

Vivekam will provide the top 10 stocks picked based on Vivekam's ranking at that point of time. Based on the performance, underpriced stock with maximum scope to grow is determined and ranked accordingly.We also show the expected growth prospective for that stock thus making it easier for you to make your investment decision.


One place where all the information that you need for decision making on any stock can be obtained with a click. Operational performance, price performance, future forecasts, assessment of trends and most relevant Beta for use are shown by Vivekam Snapshot. Understand if the stock is fairly valued, under valued or over valued.

Forecaster - SEA

Vivekam showcases its low, high and expected graph for the forward looking quarter for any stock with SEA (Stock Estimated vs Actual).Vivekam also showcases the accuracy of its estimation during the time frame inputted to measure our ability to forecast future prices.
See if your stock is trading at high's or low's with SEA.