frequently asked questions


What does Vivekam do?

We help individuals plan their financial needs. We also explain various avenues in which individuals based on their risk appetite can invest. Further, we have after enormous research and experience designed automated products that can help you generate good returns on your investments.

Is Vivekam a broking house?

Vivekam is not a broking house. Our Advisory products are used by our clients to get customized advices on what, when, why and at what price to buy Equities, Mutual funds and other financial instruments.

Will you tell about which stock to buy and sell for short term?

No, we do not suggest anything about speculation or intra-day trading. Our research is limited to stocks identified by our process after they pass some milestones. All our products are about long term investing and we suggest how you can do it best.

I have some amount to invest. What do you suggest I do?

Such suggestions cannot be made over phone with such little information. Please understand that each of our products is automated and can be completely personalized to your personal financial needs and goals unlike any other investing modes such as Mutual Funds etc. You can e-mail us at and we will be glad to help you understand our products in detail

Have the products that you offer been running since the past 10 years. How did you compute the average returns?

Our team that consists of experienced chartered accountants, marketing and IT professionals worked for more than 3 years to build algorithms, statistically supported processes and created these products. Then, we back-tested such products on 10-year data about 40 financial quarters. The average returns that you see are returns (earned by our processes in back testing cases) you could have got if we used our products during the past 10 years. If you want to use our systems to back-test your portfolio or test our process, you can do it easily by visiting our office.

If I want to Invest in your products, how should I do it?

Our products are very easy to get started. You subscribe to a particular product with the Investment amount and Vivekam shall generate the advices based on the amount adhering to all of our rule based logic. Vivekam can also capture the state of your transactions with your broker to make your job much easier. Vivekam shall constantly monitor your portfolio for any subsequent advice/rebalancing and advice shall be automatically generated when an action is needed by You.


What kind of services do you offer?

Vivekam provides all its extensive research analysis to investors just by registering with Vivekam. These services help you to know when to enter or exit the market, what and when to invest in, what you own and their current performance with respect to the markets, weak areas that are hurting your portfolio, top stocks at any given time, how to restructure and optimize your portfolio with winners.

How are the services different from the products?

Services are for investors who already have a portfolio or investors who would like to use our research information and invest on their own. Investors can use the services to improve the performance of their existing portfolio by analyzing the weak stocks and restructuring them with the best recommended where as products are for first time investors who would like to deploy fresh capital into the system.