Is ViVeKam a broking house?

ViVeKam is not a broking house. We provide services such as classes, seminars and web-enabled tools that will help you become financially literate. We also enable you reach your financial goals through corpus building by using ViVeKam Products.

How do I open an account with you?

To open an account with us, please visit us at our office or Contact Us.

I already have a trading account. Is it necessary to open another trading account?

Yes. Unless you have a trading account with one of the brokers who are registered with us and can dedicate such trading account solely for ViVeKam’s products, you would have to open another trading account.

Can I open a trading account with any broker of my choice?

No. For convenience and accountability we require you to open a trading account with any one of the brokers that are registered with us.

On signing up with you, would you handle my money?

No. We will only give you suggestions of signals that are generated from our algorithmic logic. You have to invest your money directly with the broking house in your trading account.

Do you conduct classes for investors with non finance background?

Yes. We conduct classes for all age groups, Educational backgrounds, financial backgrounds etc. We will be more than happy to conduct need based classes too if you have a group of attendees.

What products are suitable for me?

Products are designed to suit investors with varying financial needs. Depending on requirement of corpus, ability to save, risk appetite and other factors different products are suggested. Product finder will help you objectively. For specific details, please Contact Us.

How is each product designed?

Each product is conceptualized to address different financial needs of various individuals. Based on research on more than 10 year data, the products have been tested over millions of iterations. ViVeKam also encourages its clients for back-testing of any product.

Can I back-test the published results of each product?

Yes. You can back-test the published results of any product over any time frame any number of times. For numerous back-testing exercises, please Visit Us.

Will you guarantee returns for each product?

All the products have been tested over various periods of times. And every product has always performed better than the market. We do guarantee performance of each product. However, the guarantee is subject to a variety of choices you make, products you choose, agreement you enter etc. For specific details, please Visit Us.

I’m unable to access my client account?

If you forgot your password, kindly click on “Forgot Password” in the login box. In any other case, please Contact Us.

Can I take suggestions for each product and handle my investment on my own?

No. We do not give any suggestions or tips for buying or selling of stocks. All our programs are run on algorithmic logic. Thus, is imperative that you sign up with ViVeKam to take advantage of its logic.

Can I access tools such as Portfolio Scanner any number of times?

Yes. To access all tools any number of times, you would have to become a client. To become a client, please Visit Us. But if you sign up as a member, you can use the tools for a limited number of times.