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Vivekam’s wealth advisory arm offers you solutions to meet your investment objectives. With a wide product platform, consisting of Equity, Debt Alternatives, Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Investments, it is a product platform that not only outperforms the market but also generates risk-adjusted, superior returns; a balanced strategy that seeks to enhance and protect wealth for the long-term investor

Average Returns over 8 Years

Bank Deposits
Equity Lumpsum - Sensex
Equity Lumpsum - Vivekam


Our strongest forte. We have Equity products for all types of investors. What to buy? When to Sell?

Mutual Funds

Our ML and AI help investors pick future winners and make you always hold Funds from top 20, helping you earn far more.


Vivekam’s portfolios enjoy lower PE than Nify enhancing upside chances by default and hold growing under valued stocks all the time

Fixed Income

Checkout our Fixed Income options that are short term, highly liquid and better return generating.


Ask about our Derivative product which deals directly with Nifty Index futures with limited downside but unlimited upside.

Financial Consulting

We help you define goals, assign monetary value and chart a course of savings to achieve without hic-ups along the route