“We are very thankful for the business association with ViVeKam . Their expertise and ability to provide an end-to-end solution to our clients is in turn helping our business as well, we have clients opening accounts or approaching us just for using Vivekams services to the fullest potential.  It has been a  great experience for us on a business and a personal level. I would highly recommend them not only for clients looking for the best equity based solutions but also for other asset management  firms to add value based products to their offerings and grow their client base exponentially !

K. Srinivasa Rao, MD. Tradewell Securities

You guys are running a great company and doing a fantastic job. Your methods have saved much time of investors who have to do all the research themselves. Your systematic investment SMILES options has made it a viable investment option for me to save for my kids future and I feel very relaxed knowing the fact that my investments are handled in the more professional approach.

One of the uniqueness I have observed with ViVeKam is the Process Adherence & Knowledge. Till now all my questions (sometimes silly ones) are addressed with extreme professionalism and data. I have never got any vague/speculative answers. Whether markets are doing good or bad, your product performance is at its best or worst, you never changed your strategy to satisfy customers in short term.  Please keep up the great work, Hats off!

Madhu Babu Kanumuru, Hyderabad (Smiles Investor)

I am relatively a beginner and have started stocks investment only a year back, but never have I come across such elaborate one stop shop solution , you guys have everything that an investor needs . I totally recommend this company for long term investors, especially your BIO products! I’m waiting to invest into your Smiles and other products as well. Thanks u for all your efforts…

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Srilatha Beeram, USA (Bio Growth Investor)

I would like state that your site is the best fundamental and systematical based analytical approaches that I have come across. Prior to using your services I have bought and sold many stocks based on analysts on TV and other mediums and have suffered huge losses without any insights. Your timely alerts and frequent updates have helped me stay on top of my portfolio .I thank you for your innovative approaches and wish you guys all the best

Basava Rao, Vijayawada ( Price -Services User)

I am extremely delighted to have found Vivekam financial services to take care of my investment needs. Vivekam is a financial advisor in the truest sense. It is a refreshing change to find someone not motivated by selling financial products but offering expert guidance properly tailored to the requirements of customers. I take joy in recommending Vivekam to friends and relatives for I have utmost confidence in their professionalism

Vijayalakshmi, Chennai (Bio Secure Investor)