Fixed Income

Regular Income Products for every Investor

Fixed Income Products

Core Competency

Many times, investors would like to park funds for shorter time periods with minimum risk and a slightly higher return payout than offered by traditional fixed deposits by banks. Vivekam offers a bevy of products through our associations for clients to earn fixed income on their funds.

With traditional bank fixed deposit interest rates near all-time low’s, most investors are on the lookout for alternative options to help earn a return with minimal risk.

Product Basket

Fixed Income Products for all Investors

If you have a moderate or low-risk appetite, you can opt for a fixed income instrument to build your financial corpus for different life goals.

Traditional instruments include bank fixed deposits, Public provident fund, National savings certificate and more.

Fixed deposits rarely offer inflation beating returns and have lock-in period for the fund. PPF on the other hand has a very long lock-in period of 15 years, making liquidity of capital a big issue in the case of emergencies or other investment opportunities.

Vivekam offers solutions for fixed income that are short term, liquid and better return rate offering than traditional instruments.

p2P - Liqui Loans

An RBI regulated and CRISIL assessed platform, Liqui Loans is a P2P lending service that allows investors to deposit funds to earn upto 9.50%, almost twice other traditional instruments.

Fixed Income Product

MF Debt Investments

Debt funds are highly recommended to investors with lower risk tolerance. Debt funds usually diversify across various securities to ensure stable returns. While there are no guarantees, the returns are usually in an expected range

Debt funds offer lower returns as compared to equity funds. Also, there is no guarantee of the returns.