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Vivekam outperforms most portfolios, thanks to the unique approach in picking good schemes and rebalancing portfolios. This betters the process of sticking to the same funds throughout. This automated rebalancing process improves the returns on most Mutual Fund portfolios with ease.

2 MF services to address all your needs


MF Top Ranks

Vivekam's Top MF ranks at any point in time.
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MF Scanner + Rebalance

Vivekam's unique service that evaluates your current MF holdings and advices changes to make your portfolio a winner

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MF Top ranks

MF Top Ranks is an option to invest your money afresh. Based on your time frame of investment decision, best and consistent funds in that time frame are indicated to help you come up with better choices. Being 100% unbiased on any fund house or scheme, it offers you the most ideal form of investment vehicle.

We also show the expected growth prospective for that stock thus making it easier for you to make your investment decision.

Mutual Fund scanner + Rebalance

A fund doing very well now may have done miserably till last month or throughout the past few years. In such cases, fund’s performance can best be attributed to imperfections of market than to the intelligence of the fund manager.

Since our needs are difficult to be foreseen with preciseness, we need funds that have been consistent in performance than sporadic out performers. Investment planning works well only when we are sure of getting decent returns on most days.

Mutual Fund scanner scans your fund folio to analyze the good, the bad and the ugly among your holdings.