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Core Competency

Investing in mutual funds is akin to handing over the custody of your precious savings to someone, presumed to be smarter than yourselves. All mutual fund investors would expect to generate positive returns that are higher than that of an Index like Nifty 50 or Sensex. 

However, in practice majority of funds lag far behind and fail investors. Vivekam helps you identify mutual funds that have been consistently doing well in your proposed investment time frame. Though past performance offers no guarantee of future, it serves as a guide to spot better funds.

Never Miss out

A fund doing very well now may have done miserably till last month or throughout the past few years. In such cases, fund’s performance can best be attributed to imperfections of market than to the intelligence of the fund manager.

Since our needs are difficult to be foreseen with preciseness, we need funds that have been consistent in performance than sporadic out performers.

“Flavor of today may have been an under-performer for a very long period”

MF product basket

MF Products for all types of Investors

When you have investments in multiple mutual funds, some of them may be in profit and some in losses. Collective performance of your fund folio is measured across time frames in this service.

By analyzing it, Vivekam determines whether your fund folio is consistent with your expectations or not. It also provides you with fund-wise performance analysis.

Since Vivekam updates performance of all funds regularly, periodic rebalancing is suggested to stay on top all the time.

Lumpsum Investments

Vivekam helps you invest in one or multiple lumpsums. Portfolios are tracked each month and modified as required to optimize the return on investment

SIP (Monthly) Investments

Unlike traditional choice of sticking to the same scheme for SIP, Vivekam directs your investments to most likely out performers every month.


Vivekam has designed a dynamic process that has the ability to rebalance one’s portfolio of funds and earn higher returns. It betters the process of sticking to the same fund throughout. This automated rebalancing process improves the return on most Mutual Fund portfolios with ease.

  • Each portfolio is reviewed every month ensuring that top funds stay in the portfolio
  • Funds that have poorer prospects are dropped and replaced with better funds


Choice of scheme with investor. Wealth creators may choose to go with Equity Mutual Funds. 

Clients having the appetite for taking slight risk but require certain amount of safety are recommended Balanced Equity Funds where the equity becomes the larger component of their portfolio compared to equity.

Investors looking for Tax Benefits can opt for our ELSS options