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Vivekam Portfolio Products

Core Competency

Our bouquet of Portfolio insight services helps you assess how your portfolio is positioned at any given time and stay on top. With results of stocks being announced at regular intervals, it is essential to know how your portfolio is faring from quarter to quarter and restructure periodically to include only the growth stocks at all times.

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Every portfolio may be a combination of overpriced and underpriced stocks. We analyze the trailing 12 month performance of each stock to understand its performance and pricing. Performing stocks are those that have had consistent growth. Underpriced stocks are those that trade below their expected values.

Vivekam Portfolio Product

PRICE - Vivekam's Portfolio Product

PRICE is the ideal solution to ensure constant evaluation of portfolio and timely restructuring of portfolio for optimal returns.

Vivekam systematically test strengths of each and every stock in your portfolio every time a company announces quarterly results. Identifying weak companies (by comparing with Index statistics) and marking them as poor

These stocks are tested daily for exit when the price reaches close enough to expected, so that stocks are not sold in distress. Better stocks in portfolio will exit only when they reach close enough to highest possible price. Proceeds of sold shares will be invested in growing and most undervalued shares.

PRICE vastly improved the performance in 97% of all portfolios’ tested.